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Sita Ram Diwan Chand : 2243, Rajguru Marg, Chuna Mandi, Paharganj, New Delhi, Delhi 110055
Location – http://bit.ly/sitaramdiwanchand

Price : Rs. 60 per plate
Timings: 8:00 AM – 05:00 PM

In 1970, Sitaram Dewan Chand chole bhature kicked off its journey of selling chole bhature with a modest business set up. In the following decade, the taste of chole bhature became the talk of the town which brought scores of people to relish the taste. By the 1990’s Shri Sita Ram established a shop which led to the building of an empire that progressed with time. It formed a legacy of taste, affinity with the customers which stays even to this date.

Sitaram Diwan Chand’s chole bhature is not just a dish; it is a testimony to a legacy of the real taste of Old Delhi that has been passed on to the foodies by four generations of Shri Sitaram Diwanchand ji who started this journey in the 70’s. 

As you happily cross the streets of Old Delhi with your friends after getting a raise in your job, you are sure to have one prodding friend pestering you to give a treat. Or that friend who missed your birthday party treats and wants you to compensate for the loss! The obvious question is how you are going to give in to their demands. Besides you also need a nice restaurant to make it worthwhile for your friends and gang, right?
Don’t you worry! Sitaram Diwanchand is the restaurant you can always walk into for such occasions. An unplanned party or a short get together can always send anyone to a tizzy. For some the issue is finding the best famous street food in Delhi while the others are on the tighter side of budget. To meet both the requirements, you need a trustworthy eatery. With Sitaram’s finger licking taste of chole bhature, you are sure to have both the boxes ticked. For decades, Sitaram Diwanchand’s goal has been to offer the best and delectable chole bhature whilst keeping the price within the reach of every pocket. An empty stomach can always go berserk and it is only a plate of chole bhature that can ease things down!
Sitaram has always endeavored to be a restaurant which is suited for one and all. Many a time we decide to eat out on weekends. The food choice we generally like to have is something which is much grounded in nature and less of presentation. As a North Indian dish that has captivated the entire country, the zesty chole is the right pick anyday. We fully understand that some of the best friendships and bonds get stronger over a plate of favorite famous street food in Delhi.

We reached Paharganj at Sita Ram Diwan Chandra on Friday morning. The food place opened at 8:00am and we were early for that. We waited around 15min before it started serving. They have self-service systems and the place has good cleanliness and hygiene.

The chana bhatura was astonishing and were served with salad, pickle and chutney. It was a different taste that made it so special, bhaturas were soft and they prepare it before hand. Even you can order them online, they even have packaging system. It is worth a try friends.

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