Aloo=Potato and Tikki=Patties. 

Like most nations on the planet, India is likewise fixated on potatoes. Aloo tikki is one of the most mainstream chaat things in India, it resembles there can’t be a chaat slow down without aloo tikki on the menu. 

Its fundamentally bubbled potatoes blended with flavors and afterward fricasseed. 

In some cases the tikkis are additionally loaded down with stuff like hot lentil blend or nuts and so forth. In this formula, I have stuffed the tikkis with paneer. 

I like my aloo tikki truly fresh from outside. Presently I generally had a grumbling with custom made aloo tikki, they never turned out crispy like the outside ones yet not anymore! You can make extremely fresh aloo tikki at home by following these 3 straightforward advances. 

Aloo Tikki is a prevalent Indian and Pakistani road nourishment nibble. It’s made with pureed potatoes, a couple of flavors and plunged into an egg wash before being fricasseed. Pursue my well ordered photographs to make impeccable Aloo Tikki patties! Aloo Tikki is an incredible flexible tidbit and is overly simple to make as well.

Aloo Tikki can be eaten without anyone else, or filled in as a side dish with mains, for example, this Daal chawal (lentil curry and rice) and it can likewise be utilized to make Aloo Tikki burgers, or just served at break time. All the yumminess that is conceivable with this basic alu tikki!


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