One would get frightened by its unpleasant magnificence and natural appeal. The more profound you go, the far you are from the outside world. Agrasen Ki Baoli is an ensured landmark and one of the must visit places in India. It is supposed to be a spooky spot yet encounters contrast from individual to individual. Be that as it may, its bewildering design quietly requires our consideration. Agrasen Ki Baoli isn’t only an old stepwell yet there are considerably more intriguing things to think about it. Along these lines, here we are drilling down some engrossing realities about Agrasen Ki Baoli which will leave you hypnotized!


The Bhuli Bhatiyari ka Mahal is viewed as one of the most frequented places in the entire nation. Today, the structure remains in ruins, where there are incredibly less guests.


The structure bears a bizarre name, and there are different hypotheses that may assist individuals with understanding this impossible to miss name.

As per one hypothesis, it is felt that this spot got home to a very famous Sufi holy person Bu Ali Bakhtiyari and Bhuli Bhatiyari is essentially a mutilation of that name.

Another hypothesis recommends that this spot is named after a Bhatiyarin (an inborn woman from Rajasthan), who obviously overlooked her direction and wound up at this spot, in view of which this spot procured this name. The structure has a colossal brick work door, which lies in rubbles.

It takes you towards a little territory. Here, you will find that there is another door which is comprised of corbelled curves that take you towards the open square-formed patio. There are numerous rooms neighboring this patio, which must’ve been utilized by individuals previously.


Towards the northern side, there’s a semi-roundabout structure that you can go to just by means of a stairway. On one side of that semi-roundabout structure, the Delhi government has assembled an advanced latrine in order to advance the Bhuli Bhatiyari ka Mahal Delhi as a visitor place, yet because of the spot being spooky, their endeavors have been to a great extent fruitless.

Another exceptional thing about this spot at whatever point the legislature has utilized a security monitor at this spot, none of them have endured over a day or two. The principle entryway at this spot additionally has a sign which says to not enter after nightfall.


Delhi Cantt is most likely perhaps the most secure spot in the city. No living being can enter the territory without authorization. Nonetheless, you can’t say the equivalent regarding a phantom.


Bits of gossip propose that a moderately aged lady was executed while requesting a lift. What’s more, presently her soul, wearing a white saree, meanders about the zone and requests a lift – that is sufficient to give you a chill.



The lovely backwoods spread between Vasant Kunj and Mehrauli is home to a few winged creatures and excellent species. In any case, during the night individuals allegedly hear cries of youngsters and some additionally state that they see ladies wearing white saree out of nowhere vanish in dainty air.


Jamali Kamali Mosque is a flawlessly designed historical monument. It has two landmarks to be specific mosque and burial chamber.

In the mosque, you will discover the eye-getting sections on the dividers. It is amazing and gives a fantastic design brilliance to the Mughal Period.

Inside the mosque, you will see a petition corridor. The outside of the mosque gets structured with the blue shading excellent tiles, and these get secured with beautiful poetries that are composed by Saint Jamali himself.

This site has many unexplainable phenomena of the past, numerous accounts of the white dreams, some unusual sounds, and furthermore some unnatural feeling that somebody is remaining behind you.

And every one of these things are capable that is faking the radiant history of the Jamali Kamali behind its mysterious apparition stories.

Furthermore, there isn’t just one frequented story present rather there are numerous frequented stories about Jinns and apparitions that are found inside Jamali Kamali.

By and large, there are numerous individuals who had whined that they had experienced, white shadow, sightings of lights, the snarling of creatures, ghosts, and an undesirable inclination that another person is remaining close to you.

Numerous individuals additionally had guaranteed that they had felt a slap from an invisible power. Now and again, it shows up as somebody is going behind a column yet really there is in no way like this. Numerous individuals have heard the uproarious voices of laughing which are alarming.


Somewhere down in the core of Delhi, India lies an accidentally frightening, little burial ground. The Lothian Cemetery is the most seasoned of the Christian graveyard inside the city of Delhi. It acknowledged interments from 1808 to 1867. In any case, it is reputed to have been utilized as a cemetery for a long time before this. Its territory was a previous Muslim burial ground, used to hold many recognized people, before being taken over to basically cover English troopers.

The Lothian Cemetery’s most celebrated apparition is that of a headless British fighter, most popular as Sir Nicholas. This terrible soul got caught at the graveyard in the wake of ending his own life and being covered there. Sir Nicholas is said to have shot himself in the head in the wake of discovering that the Indian lady he had gone gaga for was at that point wedded to another. He is said to now walk the graveyard headless, or here and there grasping his own beheaded head, calling out looking for his lost love.

Another spooky nebulous vision is ordinarily located meandering the burial ground. This one is that of a little fellow. He has been known to approach guests for help with discovering his folks before vanishing not long after.

Our last phantom story identifies with some rowdy spirits that are disappointed with their present internment status. Since the first graveyard was upset to clear a path for new interments, various spirits are presently said to ascend around evening time for requital. Provoking the spirits of others said to meander the zone.


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